2023 Reading Challenge for Kids with We Read Tween Books

Let’s read together! Join We Read Tween Books in reading 12 books this year in the 2023 Reading Challenge for Kids.

*Get ready for the 2024 Reading Challenge for Kids too!

Read at your own pace, pick books based on our prompts or make it your own – but without a doubt, have fun!

Check out our reading challenge for kids below and then download your free challenge printable to get started.

What’s the 2023 Reading Challenge for Kids?

We are kicking off 2023 right with a spotlight on reading with a fun reading challenge.

Are you in?

Our goal is to read 12 books in 2023. Read 12 books and consider the challenge conquered and completed.

WHAT Books Should You Read?

You select any book of your choosing for the challenge, however, we’re giving you 12 prompts to help up the challenge a bit.

Complete all 12 prompts or only select the ones you like. It’s totally up to you because the goal is to have fun (and to read! 😊).

If you need help selecting a book, check any of our book series lists or graphic novel lists for inspiration.

The 2023 Reading Challenge for Kids Prompts:

  • Start a new series
  • Graphic novel
  • Book by an author you haven’t read before
  • Nonfiction book
  • Recommendation from a teacher or librarian
  • Recommendation from a friend
  • 2023 new release
  • Book with a character different than you
  • Book with an animal as the main character
  • Book made into a movie or TV series
  • Book you discovered on We Read Tween Books!
  • Your choice!

WHEN Does the Reading Challenge Happen?

The challenge is on for the entire calendar year of 2023, so you can join in and begin at any time.

You can choose to select to read one book a month or read all 12 during the summer, or read them whenever your sports season or activity is over.

WHY Join the Reading Challenge for Kids?

It’s Fun!

First and foremost you (or your reader) should join because it’s fun!

We here at We Read Tween Books already knew reading is fun, but by adding a challenge element only ups the fun factor!

To Diversity Your Reading

A reading challenge gives you a choice or opportunity to really diversify your reading.

Pershaps on of our 12 reading prompts will stretch you past your comfort zone or get you to pick up a book you might not otherwise read.

Plus, we hope you find a new favorite author or two in the process.

HOW to Join the Reading Challenge

Joining the reading challenge is easy. There’s no formal sign-up necessary – just read!

But, if you’d like to follow our 2023 Reading Challenge prompts then sign up to grab your free copy of our reading challenge printable.

Join the 2023 We Read Tween Books Reading Challenge.

Download your free printable now:

Join With a Friend

Have a friend or relative who loves to read? Share the challenge with them or even buddy read a book together!

Be sure to also check out our 2023 Summer Reading Challenge!

Have fun and happy reading!

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Join the 2023 Reading Challenge for Kids with book bloggers, We Read Tween Books.

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