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If you’re a parent or adult who loves to read and wants to foster that same love of reading in your child then you’re in the right place 😊.

I bet you’re here because you suffer from one of two problems:

  1. Your child loves to read and you’re desperate to find their next favorite book, or
  2. You want to inspire your child to love reading and don’t know where to start

Well, We Read Tween Books is here to help with both problems!

We believe that chapter book series and graphic novels are the best tween books worth reading and are the best avenue for inspiring a love of reading in your child.

Why Book Series?

When you find a great book like Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief or Dog Man, you can’t just leave it at book one.

After my kids read these books I realized that book series were the best way to hook my kids onto reading.

Once they finished one book they were constantly asking me for the next one so I became the mom leaving the library with entire book series stacked in my arms.

Book series hook your reader with the best stories and the best characters that they can follow book after book after book.

Seeing how much book series really spark a love a reading is what prompted this blog – so I could help other parents and adults find ALL the books in the best tween series worth reading.

Why Graphic Novels?

Graphic novels have taken off in popularity because kids love to read them.

They are less intimidating than a chapter book and really help your child’s imagination come to life with the story told in amazing pictures and artwork.

They often also take less time to finish so they inspire a sense of accomplishment and desire to read more!

Why Tweens?

 The book lists on this blog are geared toward the tween reader (age 8-13) but also extend to the young adult reader and the beginner reader.

We want to help the early readers get excited about reading and help those who have a love of books find the absolute best books to read.

If you can get kids to truly love reading at this age, they will be readers for life!

What You’ll Find on the Blog:

Chapter Book Series

If you’re child is like mine, when they find a book they love they want to read EVERY book in the entire series.

Check out our chapter book series and graphic novel series lists to find the best series worth reading AND every book (plus extras!) in the series so you never miss a book.

Graphic Novels

Graphic novels is where it’s at for tween readers and our lists of graphic novels and graphic novel series will point you and your reader in the right direction of the best graphic novels worth reading.

Books By Topic

If your reader has a love for a specific type of book or a specific book topic, our book lists by topic will help you find all the books they could possibly want to read in one easy spot!

Extra Books, Activities & Printables!

What I’ve discovered with my own kids is that they love to get immersed with the characters of a story.

When they find something they love they want to know EVERYTHING about it.

That’s why every book list we create includes all the “EXTRAS” you could possibly find for the book series you love.

Extra books, activities, free printables, fan clubs, games, puzzles, movies, TV series – if it relates to a book series we’ve got it for you, all in one spot to capitalize on learning, creativity, and a love of reading!

Perfect for Homeschoolers!

When I homeschooled our kids from 2020-2021, I found these “extras” related to their favorite books to be so helpful as a way to increase their learning, to make learning fun and to explore favorite series that they will always remember.

About Us

Meet Leslie, the mom and book blogger behind We Read Tween Books - the book blog dedicated to tween readers.

Hey! I’m Leslie, avid book lover and mom to two tweens who love to read as much as I do!

I’ve always been an avid reader so reading to my kids when they were born and cultivating a love of books in them as they became readers was a no-brainer.

I was totally that mom who was on a first-name basis with all the librarians at my local library always asking for book recommendations whenever my kids needed something new to read.

It was a toss-up who was giddier when a Scholastic book order form came home – me or the kids? Man, I love those so much!

Even before my kids could read by themselves, they loved reading.

Reading chapter books.
Reading at the library.

I’ll forever be grateful to Dav Pilkey because it was his Captain Underpants series and Dog Man series that truly sparked the reading bug for my kiddos.

The hilarious banter of George and Harold in their Captain Underpants adventures had my kids in stitches and the Dog Man series made them graphic novel fans for life.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians will forever hold a place in my heart because we read the entire series out loud as a family in 2020 making it a wonderful memory for a very crazy year.

But the list of their favorites (and mine) go on and on and we can’t wait to share them with you.

When I’m not reading with my kids, you can find me reading romance which I talk about on my other book blog, She Reads Romance Books!

Thanks for visiting and happy reading 😊!


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